If he is not interested anymore why did he get upset?

Hi everyone,

i like this guy very much like almost a year now and he liked me too it was pretty obvious we said it to one another but he hurt me a lot I catch two times flirting with girls and I can't move forward with a guy who flirt with other girls so I confronted him and he denied it of course

anyway we were not in a real relationship we just liked each other so I back off and be alone again

i don't know how to put my question here but after few problems I get tired and I moved on but I still have feelings for him

he is still flirting with some girls of course, and is not interested in me anymore but what I can't get it is , when I don't pay attention to him anymore and don't flirt he get upset when I act cold he gets very angry

i mean if he is not interested anymore why did he get upset , what is going on here can anyone explain this to me please please please !


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  • I think, he is saying he doesn't like you so you will get off his case about flirting with other girls but he still likes you and wants you to come around and things (even though he denies it)


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