Why would he delete me? Why would he do this?

So there was this guy, I met him last summer. He took me to a concert in September, told me he wasn't looking for a girlfriend, which was fine with me. then in January of this year, he was at a social with me. He made out with me first (as in initiated it), met his cousin, hung out with his cousin a couple times, I screwed up at a bar and now his cousin probably thinks I'm crazy lol. Anyways, I had talked to the first guy a couple times throughout the school year and even after the falling out with his cousin.

Then he said I should come over one weekend, but it didn't end up working out. Then he just stopped answering my texts (now this was after the cousin thing, but like a few weeks later). He stopped talking to me, and now I just saw today on Facebook he deleted me! His cousin still has me on fb, but the first guy doesn't. Why would he do this? I thought we were friends, not close obviously, but still. I was thinking of texting him, but now I'm so scared to since I saw this. I was hoping we could've been make out buddies.

Why would he delete me? I hadn't texted him since mid-April. It really hurt me. I kinda had a crush on him. I'm so upset right now, I don't know why he would do this. And now I'm scared to even text him as a friend for general conversation. Or re-add him to Facebook. If anything, his cousin should have deleted me, not him. I am so sad :'(


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  • So to get this straight... you met him, then later started to get close, made out with him, then met his cousin, got drunk and made out or more with his cousin?

    Yeah... that is an instant NO for any guy. If you made out with a guys cousin, he probably won't be able to trust or like you for anything like a relationship, as he probably thinks you like his cousin more than him.

    IF you got really drunk when it happened and don't like his cousin, try to talk with him about it and apologize, find a way to prove to him that you didn't want to do anything with his cousin and that you really want him instead.

    If you really want him, pursue him.

    • The first guy said way back in September that he wasn't interested in having a girlfriend or dating anyone. I had wanted to hang out lots, didn't say that, but when he told me that I was hurt, but tried not to elt it bother me. I met his cousin in January, his cousin and I hung out a couple times (first guy wasn't wanting a girlfriend right, so he shouldn't been too bothered then). That didn't work out, his cousin probably think si"m a stalker, but I was drunk-long story, basically lost my friends at the bar

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    • I do have a guy who thinks highly of me and talks to me everyday, but I still can't help but feel super sad about this guy.

    • If you believe that this guy isn't going to help your emotions, then move on.

      If you think you want to be with him TRY, there is no point in not trying. if he says no then ohh well, at least you know now and will be able to move on. :)

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