Does he want me to be jealous?

OK so my guy friend (some girls consider him a player) kissed me recently and ever since then he'll flirt with me and then with other girls. And like the day after we kissed he texted me asking if I was mad when he talked to Anne and Lynne (who he had flirted with that day at school) and I said 'No why should I be?' and he responded with an 'I don't know, just wondering'. Also whenever he flirts with girls around me he'll check to see my reaction to it. (Also when a guy I like flirts with other girls I just back off the guy to give him some space and I think that bothers this guy since he wants me to chase after him or something) So why does he do this? Does he want me to be jealous?


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  • It sure seems like he's trying to tick you off..

    • yeah that's what I thought but you never know with guys

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