Guy gave me his phone number?

OK, so sitting in math a guy gave me his number and immediately started texting me through the day and called me sexy and kept asking if I thought he was sexy. Could that possibly be flirting? I mean I don't care either way. But I'm not sure what to make of it either. Comments,opinions,help...?

Ok,HELPFUL comments,opinions


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  • if a guy says anything to you like that..yeah he flirting alright.

    • But then at the same time it doesn't seem flirting. Like,I asked him how many girls he was talking to(I was honestly just curious)and he said "Define tlk" what's that supposed to mean?

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    • well cause even if what I say makes sense your going to take it different cause your a girl. I would just go do it don't let little things hold you want something go after it you know.

    • Fair enough :) thanks

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  • omg I hate it when guys do that. He just wants to get in your pants