If you were my girlfriend, and I did this too you, how would you react...?

(Your a female sophomore in high school) We're at prom, you make a mistake by grinding with a bunch of different guys, you see me all jealous so I grind with two girls... Than we makeup and say sorry to each other and dance at the "Last Dance" at Prom, we decide to go to my house and get drunk, than we have unprotected sex. Your loving mom calls me (your boyfriend) out of the blue and demands him to tell the truth about what happened at Prom, he says everything because he respects your mom. Your grounded for the whole summer, no phone, no hangouts, no computer. You than assume your boyfriend talks sh*t about you at high school (saying that we had sex), so you break up with him. The next day he says he's not talking any sh*t about you, your very emotionally insecure so you assume he is...

How would you react after this breakup, he's a good looking guy and he still wants to be with you, do you need time... or did he cross the line by being honest with your mom and your done with him forever..?


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  • For outing that to my mother? That crossed so many lines. For one- it's none of his business to tell my mom about my sex life. He has no right, none at all. If my boyfriend had done that when we first had sex I would have slapped him. He doesn't know how she'll react, he doesn't know if I'm going to tell her yet or not, he doesn't know how to tell her. That's like outing someone else- you just don't do it. If you respected her you wouldn't have done that. It's not your job to play tattle tale, because that is EXACTLY what you did.

    She would have told her mother when she was ready to and her mother was open to receiving it. Doing what you did could have, and very well may have, ruined their trust and relationship forever. That's how serious it is. I have grown, mature friends who still can't talk to their parents about sex or else they'll be kicked out of their houses. If a boyfriend or girlfriend outed them it would ruin their lives. They wouldn't have a place to live, they wouldn't have help paying for college, they would loose the respect and trust of their whole families. Their base support system, their flesh and blood. That's monumental. And you very well may have done just that.

    It seems over dramatic, it seems like it's an exaggeration, but it's not. Look at how her mom reacted. Do you think she'll ever be able to go out at night past ten? Do you think she'll ever be able to hang out with friends with out her mom calling every three minutes? Do you think she'll ever be able to have future boyfriends or boy friends over without supervision? Maybe not. Who knows.

    If you had done that to me it would be over, no questions asked. That's completely disrespectful to me and completely ignorant of my wishes and the complete opposite of my best interest. I will talk to my mother when I'm ready and no one else will do it for me. NOT TO MENTION because you said it, not her, she probably thinks that her daughter has hid other things and it breaks the the very foundations of trust. Sex is a HUGE deal to a lot of parents and one bad moment about it between you and them can ruin everything.

    • Ok, listen, her mom called me and manipulated me to tell the truth, she acted as if she already knew we did all that, and she made me tell the truth to her, what was I supposed to do... LIE? and what if her mom already knew and was judging my trust, so many different scenarios, impossible to dictate... I believe I did the right thing, but I don't think she'll ever forgive me so I'm going to try to move on, anyways she treated me like sh*t at Prom, not worth it, but I'm still so into her...

    • You say you'd prefer not to talk about it. You say that you don't feel comfortable with the way she's talking to you and you'd prefer to not talk about things right now. There are a million things you could have told her.

      And if you're upset with what happened then just let it go. Don't talk to her, don't think about her, keep yourself busy, keep your mind off of her, you'll get over her.

  • I'd be done forever. Or at least a couple of years. Just being honest...


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