Girls! Should just let things happen or keep trying?

OK it seems like every time I try to get to know a girl, they shy away. I don't know if they get an ego boost and think they can just dog me out or they just don't like guys who try.

My friend gave me some advice to try. He told me to always look my best, stay in shape, and be nice to everyone. But don't ever tell a girl you like her or want her because she will get an ego boost and shy away.

Also, he said when girls approach you, or try to get to know you, don't let her rush you into a relationship, slow it down and she will think about you all day and want you more.

I want to confirm this. Is it true girls? Please help. My sex and romantic life are going to hell.


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  • I don't necessarily agree right now I am in a situation where the guy is being cometely difficult and things would be much easier if he was straight forward...girls like it yeah we can take hints sometimes but we alsi like to be far as the taking it slow that's always a good thing tho for both you and her!


What Guys Said 1

  • I find this not true... I've told girls I'm interested and it has worked out fine... I actually find it easier when just being straight up and telling her what you want so there's no room for misunderstandings and bullsh*t...yaknow?!

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