Should I text him after he said I should feel free to?

We emailed each other off a dating website. Made plans for next weekend. He gave his number and said feel free to text. I responded and gave my number. He hasn't texted, I haven't texted.

I don't like talking through text, especially since we don't know each other. But by not texting at all- I don't want him to think that I'm blowing I'm off/ignoring his offer.

I'm thinking I should maybe text Monday and say to have a good holiday and that I look forward to seeing him tomorrow (Tuesday is our date) or wait for him to initiate it?


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  • You should text him that you are busy but you wanted to say you are looming forward to the date. Don't text more than once and make sure you say you are busy. Dudes like girls that are in demand, so this will work perfect. I guarantee it!

    • Thanks! I scheduled the date a week after he asked because of the fact that I was busy (I have plans Wed-Sun) but I text him Sunday or Monday and hope that his weekend is going well and continues to do so

What Girls Said 1

  • I would just text him because you want to talk to each other as much before going to date. If you lose the communication he could back out on your date.

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