Can I recover from being overbearing?

I really like this guy and we hooked up for 6 months, but we've been friends for a year now. We've stopped hooking up because I felt uncomfortable about my feelings for him and backed away. But we've remained friends and he still pursues me and we flirt. But lately, I feel like I'm being too overbearing and texting him too much and being way too obvious, and he seems to be backing off. I ran into him recently and he was really nice and it felt comfortable with him as usual and totally not awkward. He even told me what he was doing that night and said to text him what I was doing, and we could maybe meet up. So my question is, I really like this guy and we have great chemistry, how can I recover from being a little over-excited? Will he see me as desperate forever? How can I bring that spark and excitement back into our relationship so maybe we can start things up again?


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  • I think it will be very hard and tough. You knew him a long time. You guys hooked up and you text him alot. I would day it depends on how many times a dya you text him? If your texting him too much just try to cut back on the texts. also to when you hang around him try to not seem to eager or to happy to see him. Keep it settle and simple. He might be able to pick up if your desperate or not. It depends on the way you act aorund him like if you smile alot,etc. I also think too maybe he misses hooking up with you. If you wanted to change the hookup relationship into a real realtionship then it would also depends on he feels about being serious with you. From what you described you guys sounded like a couple except without the couple stamp. You and him were very intimate and texted and saw each other. I think things could go further then the friendship thing. It depends if you both want to take things to the next level.


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