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OK. So S meets and while she's going to college. and is a suspended college student in Nursing. S is in Fine Arts. They get together and have a start on a relationship between too very alike yet unalike people.

S is an Aries Sun/Scorpio Moon with the tendency to be shy up front and very insecure. She doesn't know if she can trust people. S is your typical wall flower. But at home, with people she knew, she's independent, impatient, short-tempered, yet kind and thoughtful.

N is a Cancer Sun. He's your typical 'stoner' and refers to himself as a 'rave child'. and is a more social creature then S and acts rather immature sometimes, yet can turn around and be the most mature 19 year old you've ever met. He also played football in high school while S didn't care for school activities and perferred to be in an environment she can control and be comfortable with.

S went out with N, wanting change. She wanted to reach out and be more then a wall flower. and thought of her as beautiful and smart and wanted a change as well. He wanted a girl with her head on straight who was more mature then the immature, sex-craved girls he dated before.

A week into this relationship, and wants out. The EX he couldn't get over involves herself with him more and confuses him. He breaks up with S as not to hurt her.

S does something she would have never done before. She gets trashed and starts bawling her eyes out in front of friends instead of holding everything in like she normally would have. and finds out.

See, he still cares for S, and when another drunk boy tried to touch her, he threatened the boy and told him never to touch her - ever.

Fast-forward a week, after S had gotten over the breakup, S finds and in a room cutting his wrists. S knew how he was, knew that she couldn't force him to stop so she invited him to come with her and a few friends to go star gazing in the country. Knowing it would make him feel better, she let him drive.

N sees someone at the gas station and looks upset. Turns out he saw his EX, the one he was pining over, and starts to think a little foggy. He goes 15 over the speed limit and is stopped by a cop. To wrap it up, the cop takes him to jail over a bogus D.U.I charge that he made up.

and spends his first time in jail. S worries for him and checks his phone messages, knowing that he wouldn't tell her what was wrong with him.

She finds out that during their week of being together, the EX was trying to pull him back to her. Even called S a slut. S was mad ... the next day, she wrote a long and angry letter with the words "Your a d***. But I still care for you. How could you do this to me? I didn't deserve this" and gave it to him after his friend bailed him out.

N looked surprised then admitted his mistake. He told S that he thought about a lot of stuff in that jail cell and told her that he found out who he was supposed to be with. Her. He told her she was kind and took measures not to hurt him. That she understood him better then most (cont.)

better then most girls he would date in a week. He asked her back out. She looked at him hard for a few minutes, thinking this over, then said 'yes' after realizing that people can change.

Fast forward a month. He proposes to her after he'd been living with her for a month. Being kicked out of college meant no more dorm, so she took him in a week after getting back together. S realizes that this might be too fast. But she felt connected to him more then anyone else in the world... (cont.)
A month later she finds out from him that he cheated on her with the EX the first week they'd went out. She's pissed. But he breaks down and tells her how horrible he was and he would NEVER do it again. S, pushing it all into the past, accepts him and realizes that people make mistakes. Besides, it was all in the past anyway.

...Months later, after little compliments toward other girls saying they were pretty/cute, a text to one of his female friends that implied that he'd be a (cont.)
a better boyfriend then the sh*tty one she had, and an email to a online gamer buddy that his wife was 'fine' ... S doesn't know if she can trust him anymore...

He hasn't cheated on her again. Might have hugged a few female friends who happened to be whores in front of her, but she didn't strike him as unfaithful.

He constantly tells S how much of a horrible fiancee he is to her. He degrades himself countless times and apoligizes constantly...

Now, 9 months later, they both work at


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  • I say S is a very nice and caring female girl. I think she has went through a lot and is very faithful and accepting. I think she is doing good hanging in there through her man's problems and he is goign through a lot and she is standing by his side. I think thngs is moving really fast. And I think S is the best choice for and to be with. I think and needs ot get over the ex and move on There is a reason why she is th ex in the first place. I would like to hear the rest of the story. So what happen 9 months later when they both worked at?


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