How can I attract a great guy this summer, get his attention and make myself more attractive this summer?

Now that the sun is out and summer is almost here, I just want to put myself out there to meet a great guy because I've been single for ages and now I'm ready for a man in my life:)!

Guys: What can a girl do, especially in summer time, to catch your eye and for you to think she's girlfriend material?

Girls: What do you do to make yoursefl more attractive in the summer and get the guy you like to notice you?


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  • Wish this question wasn't so one sided, probably will have to ask this again to see what the girls want to see.

    Personally, looks don't matter too much to me. Yes looks DO play a big role, but if her personality is sh*t, or she looks like she has a bad personality (like she enjoys to sleep around or jumps in and out of relationships, or doesn't act intelligent) She has already lost ALL interest.

    Sorry my question is... kinda the opposite of what you ask, I'm in the same boat as you, didn't even try last semester to get a date and now I don't want to be single anymore. But I'm also super shy, great fun for me. >.<

    I don't really have any dating/ice breaking experience/fashion experience either, so I have no idea where to start. Will probably post basically what you said in a generic form for both males and females to respond.


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  • dont get hung up..stay fit and healthy and if a guy doesn't like you for that..he can suck a d***.


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  • I don't change who or how I am. I just try to find a nice bikini, maybe work out a bit or watch my figure (how superficial of me), and when I'm out I just look like I have a good time (which I usually do have)... but then again I don't get approached so maybe this isn't good advice :p

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