Ok..a little concerned here..is he flirting with my mom??

hi everyone.

i am a little concerned here.i like this guy,and I have told him I like him.he is a family friend,and so,knows my parents

well..yesterday,he texted my mom this line from a song,something about deep eyes,akin to an ocean(its a translation..but that's what it means)

perhaps I am crazy,but even my mom was wondering what was wrong,and she confirmed from him,and he did reply that no,he didn't send her the message by mistake.

i don't know ..am I overreacting?


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  • Yeah, sounds like flirting to me.

    Reminds me of the song, "stacy's mom"

    • Sadly..it first reminded me of that song only...:(

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  • Yeah, this is a bit weird...and very inappropriate behaviour.


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  • well.. It's weird. But I have some questions here: Is your mom single ? And how old is he ?

    • No no..my mom is in love with my father..they have been married 20 years,and still going strong.

      he is 21

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    • I dotn think there should be any problem..but should I just give him space to think about it?

    • Yes, definetely. :)

      if a guy or a girl wants something he/she will do it anyway.

      but if you'll do something it can only make you fell bad and ashamed. ;)

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