Girl is dating someone but still seemed interested?

OK, so it's a long story. I have a message typed out but there are some specifics I don't really want to put up online because I included some specific texts... but I'd really love some help with this. So if any of you can help me, could you post some comment saying anything you want and I'll add you as a friend and send you a message. I would really appreciate any help you can give. The last girl I dated, I dated for a couple months(and we hung out prob twice a week on average) and then I realized she was just using me. It hurt a ton. She was the first girl I can say I've loved. And she didn't even like me :/ that was a couple months ago. I haven't even seen someone else that I even wanted to date because non of them seemed to compare in my mind. Then I met this new girl and my bad luck kicked in again so I'd like to know if I even have a shot with this girl anymore.

Thanks in advance. When I see a comment, I'll send you a message!


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