If he texts you very early in the morning, does it mean he's into you?

We went out yesterday (guy I'm dating) and we made tentative plans for today. He texted me really early in the morning at like 7 "I had a fun time with you yesterday, good luck on your final!"

Does that mean he was probably thinking of me a lot last night/that he likes me, if he texted me so early?

I really like him. Also our plans ended up not working out because..he was done with work and called to see me at that time, but I wasn't done with school yet, then he told me to call him when I was done, but then he was at a meeting, so it took a while for him to get back to me, and then when he did there was bad rain and we were supposed to go somewhere in the city that requires a bit of walking, no cars, so he asked me if I minded meeting up at a different time. And we spoke for a bit on the phone.

This is a legitimate excuse, not a blow off right? I'm a little sad because I wanted to see him.


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