Who do I choose between and the two?

These two guys in my class like me and funnily enough I like the back just as much. The thing is though I need to pick one of them.

Guy one is a cool guy. He's a bit taller than me but he has an afro on his head that makes him taller. He's quiet, kind, sensible. The thing is that we speak English and French at school, but he mostly speaks French while I speak English. We get along well and we often do the same things unconsciously. We're just friends right now but I know he's going to ask me out soon since it's my birthday next week.

Guy 2 is the other reason I'm stumped.

Physically he's taller than me and cute with some nice dimples.

We're both attracted to each other.

He's outgoing, talkatuve, loud when he wants to be, funny,sweet, thoughtful, caring and basically an amazing guy all through.

True he has his flaws but they just make him who he is.

We're not like poles but we mesh well together considering we're mostly opposites.

We get along okay when we're together and even when we're not.

I know he likes me and he knows I like him, but he has just not made his move yet. It's like we're stuck in some limbo where neither of us wants to get out of.

So it sounds like I like guy 2 way better but I'm tired of waiting...I don't ask guys out no matter how much I might like them...so I don't know if I should go out with guy one when he asks me.

I don't want to lead him on and yet at the same time I don't want to wait forever if the guy I truly like is unwilling to ask me out.

So should I say yes or wait fo Guy 2 to get the nerve to ask me out or should I ask him out or should I just ditch both of them.


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  • IMO judging by what you have written it seems that you like guy 2 more, and maybe your question should be how should you win him haha. Nobody can tell you which one to choose and you will never know how it would have been if you have chosen the other guy, follow your heart and If you are more interested in guy 2 and he is not making his move just try to give him signs, say things that imply you like to be in a relationship, e.g. "sometimes I think I deserve to have a caring guy" and/or try to spend more time with him.

    • Thanxx :) an you're right only I can choose who to go out with.

      So...since you mentioned it :)...

      how can I win guy 2 without being too obvious

      or would I have to be obvious.

      Finding time outside of school is kinda hard since we both have completely different lives.

      So spending more time might be a bit impossible

    • for me, I like the chase, so I would say don't be too obvious, ask him questions that he knows the answer to, it will make him feel good and gives him more confidence. be more physical like touching hands by accident. when you talk stand close to him and don't look away, I don't know I mean its not difficult just let your self go and act as you would act if you see a food that you like haha

    • I'll try to do that this coming week, hoping I won't look too dumb while doing so.

      If I let myself go, I would be in so much trouble :) but twould be worth it.


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  • lol, look, its easy, just go up to one of them and say, Ok, so when are you going to ask me out? :)

    • Ummmm...to obvious for me but I'll keep it in mind :)

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  • Do you only want a boyfriend?Or you care about who your boyfriend is? If you care, wait for the one you really like.

    • I don't just want a boyfriend :)

      I want a guy I'd really like and who likes me back ;)

      I hate it when that happens.

      Thanxxx tho' :)

    • Then go with your heart even if you'll wait more

    • Sighs...just have to remember that it'll be worth it in the end

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