What kind of guy is YOUR kind of guy?

Yeah, I know, there a many different types of men creeping around just waiting to be snatched up by us foxy mamas. So, I wanna know which kind of guy , if you had to choose, would you go for? I'll try to touch on as many as I can lol...

A. Conservative, somewhat introverted but well rounded

B. Outgoing, fun loving and a little 'crazy'

C. Assertive, strong minded and knows what he wants

D. Artistic, creative and open minded'

E. Sensitive, affectionate and emotional

F. Intellectual, very structured, and less of a risk taker


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  • My boyfriend is A through F...seriously...

    He has a creative job that he's incredibly good at...has a really wacky sense of humor and outgoing/the life of the party when we are out but feels comfortable and at peace when he's home alone and needs that space...he is incredibly head strong, once he's made up his mind about something good luck changing it cause he feels deviations won't end up well... very focused with work and reaching his goals, well read and knowledgeable about the most obscure things, yet incredibly modest (I didn't even know till we were dating over a year that he had his masters...) plus he was the first to say I love you, and usually the one to talk about our relationship and his thoughts about us or how he feels about me.

    I love every part of him...

    But to break it all up, and assuming a guy isn't all of those things... Id say a mix between B and C...the guys I've been involved with all had a wacky sense of humour and very assertive/confident.

    I couldn't handle a guy who was always conservative and serious...or was very emotional...be it always brooding or writing loads of romantic poetry..just not for me.

    • Wow, you're a lucky lady. Soooo um, does he have a brother?....or what? lol

    • LMFAO! yeah he does actually..and his brother is incredibly intelligent as well, graduated top of his class with his associates from high school..he just turned 18 and working on his bachelors...but really sweet and modest with a crazy sense of humour as well and cute as a button. He has a girlfriend though, hard to believe eh? Hehe!

    • Aw shucks hehe.

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  • Affectionate, fun loving, somewhat structured. That's me and if your lookin for a guy like that send me a line. :)


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  • if I had to choose from one of the above I'd go with

    Artistic, Creative and Open Minded.

    im a musician so most of the guys I hang around with and therefore fall for are also musicians

    but there are good qualities in all of these categories

  • my answers are C, D, A and B!