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okay so I have kissed this guy before(just a little peck) and I'm comfortable around him we flirt all the time and have admitted to each other that we like each other and I have to tell I don't think we should date until we come back from summer break because school ends in one week. and I want to kiss him before we leave school and don't see each other for a long time so should I just tell him I want to kiss him or should I go about it differently also today my friend said just because you don't wanna date him doesn't mean you guys still cnt hug and kiss should I tell him she said this or still go about it differently


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  • dont tell him she said that, I mean you should do sth because you want to not because your friend says so, tell him something cute like "we are not going to c each other for sometime so you can have a long kiss" or "give me a kiss and I will give it back to you when I come back"(in case you are certain that you are going to date him after the break, or else don't say that cause that can give people false hope".


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