Blind dates, dates in general, how do they work?

Okay, so I agreed to double date with one of my friends just now and we're going to be flying kites at the park. I've never been big on flirting and dates have always made me uncomfortable just because I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to act. So guys and gals, what are some general rules of thumbs for casual dates?


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  • Just be yourself. Flying kites seems like causal fun. There's no pressure to impress the other person. Think of it more like an adventure than a date. A girl can definitely pick up on fakeness or forced interaction. So relax. If you get nervous, shifting your attention temporarily towards the kite may work. Maybe even offer to race the kites with her or something.

    • Thanks a bunch! It turned out to be a lot more casual than I was thinking like you said. We couldn't really get our kites up but we had a ton of fun! :)

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