Guys, do you prefer really skinny or some meat on women?

Guys, if you had to pick from one of two extremes real skinny or voluptuous and curvy....which would you pick? Remember real skinny has little to no boobs whereas curvy women have from a C to DD. Do what types of boobs women have influence if you want to go out with them?


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  • I'd pick voluptuous, and it has nothing to do with the size of her breasts. I've never really been attracted to extremely skinny women. Even when I was younger I enjoyed looking at women with something on them. Even though it was subconscious, and I didn't realize what I wanted till I was older. I'd rather snuggle with a woman with something on her than snuggle with a bony woman. My only condition on her size is she has to be healthy (and this doesn't mean she has to be size 0, 1, 2, 3, or even 4. If she's way over the healthy size either direction it's a turn off.

    As for her breasts. I only have two things I consider. One, she has to have breasts that fit her body, not overly flat chested or overly big. Two, I prefer natural breasts to fake ones generally all the time, but there are a few cases in which fake ones are OK.


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  • If I had to choose between the two, I'd rather choose too skinny.

  • Skinny... Don't get me wrong I like some meat on her but I also like a girl I can toss around in a kinky way.


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