10 tips for a first date, anyone?

based on your experience

give us 10 tips or less of do's and don't's?



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  • 01: Don't talk about your ExBFs. It looks like you have baggage.

    02: Just like airplanes or an ER, turn your cell phones off. No texting either.

    03: Pay attention to the person you're with. Listen. Show interest.

    04: Don't let it all be about them. Talk about yourself too, but not too much.

    05: Try to contribute to conversation. Even if it's asking questions.

    06: No movies. Movies just mean you and them not talking for 90+ minutes.

    07: No loud bars. Again it makes talking hard to do. Cafes are better.

    08: No matter what. Don't lie. It only complicates things, if it works out.

    09: Whatever you do, keep it simple, light and fun. Possibly original. (optional)

    10: In the end, don't give your date everything. Leave them wanting more.

    I'm not sure if these help, but I think they're a good set of tips for now.

    • I really should have made the first rule more gender neutral. ExBF/ExGF. Oh well.

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    • I meant both information, and physically. So don't be too closed off, but leave a little mystery. Physically, don't jump into anything too physical your first time out.

      For originality, I don't know. I mean originality is kinda optional, but I mean like try to come up with something to do that you might not normally think of. Like something you think is fun and a little different. But some of the classics are still good. Like a cafe or something.A walk in the park. Doesn't need to be too much.

    • Cool great idea ;)

What Girls Said 1

  • For girls...

    1) don't contact him after the date until after hearing from him

    2) don't talk about exes

    3) don't reveal too much personal information that you wouldn't share easily with most people

    4) don't wear anything too revealing

    5) try not to drink, or if you do just one drink and be careful. even if I'm slightly tipsy I say things I wouldn't sober.

    6) don't talk about seeing him again, even in the vague. and don't plan another date on the first. let him contact you for another one.

    7) do not sleep with him! really, don't go past a light kiss. and this is coming from a horny girl. trust me, it is too fast. if you throw in the physical too quickly, it's not good. unless you don't care about pursuing a real relationship with him.

    8)I recommend doing something pretty casual like no fancy activity. Get a food or beverage (just don't get drunk as I mentioned) and then maybe take a walk after. Something where you can talk without major distractions.

    9)don't think ahead too fast.many people make this mistake of thinking of exclusivity right away, or getting serious too fast. remember, first dates are often dead ends so take it for what it is. if it progresses that will be great, but don't assume this person is going to be your next boyfriend.

    10)watch out for red flags. if something makes you uncomfortable or you feel he is lying to you...tread with caution. don't trust too fast but if your guard is up, don't ignore it. doesn't mean you can't see him again, depends on what it is, but just watch out.

    have fun!

    • Great advices girl :) I think 9 is the hardest for me I am always imagining the wedding lol

    • i do that too. hot water it's hard to keep yourself out of but try not to!