I'm NOT interested in dating now.. what does he think?

.. I'm not a lesbian or even bi, I just don't want to date now not even flirt or friends with benefits...but I still go out to clubs house parties etc. and men are forward and flirt with me...BUT WHAT DO THEY THINK WHEN I SAY I'm NOT INTERESTED IN DATING ... some smile and say we don't have to date, and some back off...but I'm nice always and not snobby?


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  • To a guy, "having sex" != "dating"

    You can f*ck somebody w/o dating them, silly girl. Guys can be quite literal (to a fault) at times. You said not interested in DATING...and that wasn't what that guy wants.

    Frankly, guys probably find you MORE favorable as a sexual prospect when you say that, because that guy thinks that he'll get some sex from you quicker and cheaper. No dating means no money spent on dates and no "time lag".

    Hopefully this makes sense to you.

    • well I will not have sex before I am married so when a guy is talking to me I don't even think like that...any suggestions?

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  • Guys in clubs are *usually* looking to score sex, and you don't have to date to get sex. Most of those guys don't even want your number, they want a one time fling.

    • i never thought of that because I wil only have sex when I am married ..

      ugh ... okay so what should I say then?

    • Tell them you're not interested. Just plain not interested, or that you're not interested in hooking up.

    • PERFECT ... I'm not interested in hooking up... thank you bunches

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