I don't think he wants his ex back ...but I do think he might be confused so HELP?

OK Sorry so long...anyways this guy I like A LOT !

I have known him for over a year now, he has a 2 year old boy& was together with his ex for 7 yrs.. We go dancing ,he says he enjoys my company etc ill say this we have kissed & when he has invited me over we cuddle and well last month he added his ex to his friends on Facebook etc , I find him distant so I called him like 2 days ago & it took me a LOT of guts but I just had to know so I asked.." hey I find you very distant like you tell me you like me but then you confuse me etc"...he says sorry and that he has showed pics of me to his friends at work and they all tell him like WOW your dumb she likes you she's pretty , overall I was like b completely honest with me he said I only wanna b friends , he is barely starting to be single and stuff, AND I understand I told him that I don't want to be rude but don't expect me to invite you anywhere, he said well what if I invite you ?..im like hmm I don't know anyways this is what I THINK PLEASE LET ME KNOW your OPINIONS ADVICE I COULD REALLY USE! :( I think he needs time/space to think of what he wants he knows I'm a good girl he likes me etc he doesn't want to hurt me so what should I do ? I don't think he wants his ex back ...but I do think he might be confused so HELP?

like he feels he is barely starting to feel single that he has always had someone to take care of him etc...& that he doesn't want a relationship just yet...BUT so should I mayb give him space wait for him with out seeming desperate...?


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  • take it easy girl, he just got out of a relationship I guess so give him time. I'm usually obsessed like that when I first meet / date a guy I like, but that's unhealthy, guys are never like us, so just chill, pick up a hobby or smt to keep yourself busy, meet other guys, keep seeing him if you like, if he invites you out etc, but keep it casual, he can't have anything serious and healthy right now. or you'll end up as a rebound which won't be long

    • You are so right thank u! My only thing is yes I do want to give him time but right now I'm gonna give him his space and my question is I don't want to text him often so maybe once in a while be like hey how are you doing? right so he knows I'm still interested but not waiting like a door mat?

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