Should I break up with him?

I have a boyfriend I met online, and he's really kool. Sadly, I'm *in love* with my best friend. It's hard because he says he likes my friend...i can't date Gabe knowing... What did I say his name was in the last ine? O.o whatever, knowing I love one of my bros >.< also, I refuse to date more than 5 guys by the time I get out of High School. That's 5 more grades. At first, I didn't care, but now I literally refuse to date more than 3 more guys. If I break up with Gabe then will I be sad for too long and start dating the next to ask me out. Ugh, I'm usually strong, but this is weird for me. I've always thought of guys as bros but with Cameron it's like :) all the friggin time.


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  • If your not feeling him no more break it off/