Advice on hanging out with this girl. I think she thinks I asked her out.

ok well their is this girl that I have been messaging on Facebook. We messaged each other about 5 times each and so on the last message I sent her I asked if you would like to hangout and get to know each other better. She takes about a week to reply to each of my messages so it's taken about a month to get to the point where I asked her to hangout, but after the last message I sent her she never replied. I'm thinking she thinks I asked her out. All I wanted was to hangout as friends. I'm pretty sure she's single so I don't think that's the problem. Is their a way I can send her another message and just kind of explain to her that I just want to be friends with her in case she thought I asked her out? I hate it when I waste all that time messaging people and then nothing comes out of if.


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  • yeah, she def probably got the ask out vibe. I'd just kinda brush off the fact that she hasn't responded yet and come up with a thing to ask her to go do with you, stressing the friends part. hanging out with a group makes it much more friend like, or if you can't get a group together just be like, "my mom wants me to go get something super boring. I'd figure I'd be less boring with a friend if you wanna come. if not I can find someone else" saying something like that will definitely let her know it's not a date but a boring errand where you two can probably hang out then do whatever after. boring errand could be groceries or picking up a book or picking up b-day cards. or say you need a girls opinion on a birthday gift for a sister or something, and if she can't come you'll just find another friend that's a girl to help you. this makes it much more relaxed for her.


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