Being taller than my prom date?

He's taller than me without shoes, but not that much taller. I'm wearing a long dress and I don't want to alter it, so I'm aiming for 4-inch heels. Thing is, I'll probably be taller than him and he's asking me to wear 2-inches only.

Should I comply and make him happy by getting shorter heels or should I just get what I want and (most likely) look better? (Keep in mind that if I get the taller heels I would bend my knees to be shorter than him when taking pictures)


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  • Our society really irritates the hell out of me. It pumps out products like this.

    So what if it looks awkward, or you have to "bend" your knees. Just DO IT. "Oh but I have to bend my knees to the pictures look good" How will the pictures look bad? He is who he is, and you are what you are (except you're wearing your heels). Why does it matter so much?

    If this problem can be solved by bending your knees, bend the hell out of them. End of story.

    • Just to clarify, I am totally willing to bend my knees, not complaining at all. It's just that even when I brought up this argument to him, he was still whining about me being taller than him with the heels on.

    • If what you say is true (and the height issue rests with him and him only, which I STRONGLY doubt), wear your 4-inch heels.

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  • He seems pretty insecure. It's not like he is actually shorter than you, so maybe it's bothering him that the prom photo will make it appear that you are. But really, he shouldn't care. How about 3 inch heels (the definition of compromise, lol).

  • if you are that close it will not matter. go for the mile long legs. we can do the math.


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