Every time I'm alone with a boy, they get quiet and leave?

i don't get it, is there something wrong with me?

Im not the most prettiest but I'm not so ugly that you can't face or talk in normal convo me either,

im popular with everyone, I don't really have haters cos I try to be nice towards everyone...

Im funny, confident and flirty(but not in the slutty or desperate), but I could have proper smart convo about politics and the world,..

Im not saying I'm perfect, I've got flaws; I get in trouble cos I have bit of a rebel side, I'm really clumsy, I always fall on my face and sometimes I get loud, and hyper if I'm around my friends, I can't help it , and I get it, its annoyign sometimes.. but it can't be that bad, .. because the boy id want to get close to will be going crazy with me aswell..

Whenever I'm in a group with a boy, hell talk to me, laugh and tease/ joke, but once its just me and him, he gets quiet and hell try to find a way to walk away.. And its just not just one guy, its like every guy I meet, and it hurts..

And when I start moving on and distancing myself from them because they start acting weird, they come back starting convos and talking and asking me what I'm doing this week, if I finished my work so we can discuss about itt..

I HATE ALL THESE MID GAMES ! they just come back and forth whenever they like to even tho I want myself to move on.,..

I don't even have a boyfriend- so they don't have to distance themselves from me- I Haven't even had one in ages; boys never wanted to ever get closer than what we are when our friends were around..., anyways I just don't see why they'll be afraid to be close to me..

GUYS: what makes you not get close to a girl?


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  • what makes me not get close to a girl is she doesn't show interest and or tell me that she's interested etc

    girls need to learn guys are not going to do everything girls have to initiate things ... accually girls need to initiate things more than a guy

    • For the most part. Girls like to sit back 99% of the time, expecting men to do everything. That sh*t is annoying. Especially the types who are all about being 'independent',but don't want to pay for their own food/drinks etc. Grrrr.

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