What do you think of this guy? I think he just wants one thing.

This guy asked me out on a date and I said yes. We went out to eat and then to a movie. I remember specifically telling him that I hate beer and I also don't like the taste of alcohol. He ordered a margarita for me and I didn't like it.

The day after, I texted him saying that I wanted to remain friends.

The day after that I get a text saying "Wanna grab a beer?"

I replied basically telling him off for even asking me that after he should know not to.

Then I went to work tonight, saw him there. We didn't speak. Right after I got home from work about an hour ago I get a text saying,

"stop tripping I just want to have a drink that's all it's up too you where it ends."

and then

"I really think your beautiful like to get to know you it's your loss just saying."

I thought he was being very rude.


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  • This guys an ass. First off he ordered for you? That's probably a big no-no for many girls. I mean a girl can order what she want for yourself can't she? And she'd probably better than me what she wants. The fact that all he wants to give you is alcohol and he knows you don't like it tells me that he just wants to get you drunk so he can get you to do stuff with him. Otherwise if he really liked you, he'd find something non-alcohol related. Well that's my opinion, its either that or he's just an alcoholic that doesn't like to drink alone. He he was rude and pretty stupid when he said its your loss lol. That made me laugh.

  • Just wants sex. Terminate communications.

  • Like most guys, yes, he just wants sex. Unlike most guys, he's horrible at disguising that fact.

  • I see the way you are. Only reason I am answering this anon like this is because I know how you are. It may of been stupid of him to order the drink and then even more stupid to ask you to have a beer but you are wound up way too tight. Just relax a little bit more ok? Life is too short to be so snappy and judgemental. It is OK if you don't believe me but it will only hurt you in the long run. I see you here all the time on gag and think you are a smart girl. I just hope you can find a way to be less angry and more open minded. Take care and maybe give that guy a chance. He seems like a dummy at times but maybe he is a nice guy and you just got turned off too quick from him being flaky and you being so wound up.

    • i hung out with him once. And he annoyed me. so ya I did give him a chance

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    • Probably but he just annoyed me throughout the entire date cause I couldn't say anything without him thinking it was funny or trying to make a joke out of it. Like I'm an idiot or something.

    • Well I wish I was a fly on the wall but from what you are saying then maybe he was a jerk or maybe he was nervous.

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  • That's because he was. That 'your loss ' comment made me laugh too.

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