Should I continue dating him?

I have been together with my boyfriend for one ½ month now. I really like him, and I miss him a lot when we are not together, though I sometimes feel I'm not ready to be in such a serious relationship yet. He confessed to me before over a year ago, and I rejected him because wasn't ready AT ALL. Now I am ready, but I still feel its too serious. Sometimes I miss him so much it hurts, and other times I just want some space, to not be in a relationship at all. I talked to him about that I might not be ready for this type of relationship he seeks. But he just told me that it is stupid to break up because of such a reason if I still love him. I agreed to wait a month or two, to see if I just needed to get used to having a boyfriend.

Another thing is that I'm kinda embarrassed being with my boyfriend in front of other people, especially my own family. Being intimate, kissing and such. I thought it might be because he's handicapped, permanently in crutches, but if I imagine having a normal boyfriend in front of others, I'm sure I would still feel that way. I'm also really ENVIOUS of other couples that can flirt and walk around normally, hand in hand. Which is what leads me to think I'm just not mature enough, or ready to have a boyfriend yet.

I know its confusing, but I'm just unsure if I'm doing the right thing, still being with him. :(


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  • I can't really tell you what's good but I can tell you what's what.

    When I'm in love, I would be really proud of my BF. When I was younger I was with someone and felt embarrassed by and I didn't realize it wasn't love until later on. I realized I was settling for him, not because I wanted to be with him.

    You need to ask yourself do you see a future with him, if you don't it's better to end it so you both can look for someone you really love without feeling guilty.

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