Ladies, have you ever rejected a wedding proposal?

Question is clear enough. If you did, why? Question too short.

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  • I did, cos we argue a lot during the relationship and I know it wasn't healthy relationship. When he propose I sensed it's only a game to keep me in the relationship and I understand marriage doesn't change the fact we argue a lot. one year later we broke up.

    Second guy proposed I said no because we were in a long distance relationship and I don't think I know him well enough to talk about marriage. 3 months after proposal I broke up with him, because I don't see a future with him would be unfair to waste his or my time.


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  • I've never been proposed to but if my ex had ever proposed to me I know I would've said no, we fought way too much.

  • Yes. We were too young. (16) I didn't even want to take him seriously.

  • Yes I have, it wasn't serious but, a guy got dared to ask me.

  • I've only been asked once, on New Year's, and I said yes =) We've only been together for a little over a year though, so we're waiting til 2014, which is just fine with me!


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