How can I have the confidence to go out there and approach women again?

I am tired of the whole dating thing and approaching women because I have had pretty bad experiences and my confidence level is to the ground because even if I try I don't go anywhere.


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  • You just got to keep trying. I know its hard but if you keep not trying its definitely not gonna go anywhere. So just try. If you try one girl 2 or the times and she still doesn't say yes.. Back off.. But I f she does say yes it will probably do with something about your persistency. Don't give up.


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  • If you're linking your self-confidence *entirely* to one thing - how girls react when you ask them out, then you're asking for trouble.

    Unless you're a super-stud, with fame and fortune by your side, you're going to get rejected. Even hollywood a-listers can get rejected.

    Even if you said you'd only ask ugly girls out, to try and boost your success rate, you could still accidentally ask a butch looking lesbian, who would of course say no.

    The river of Confidence needs to have many tributaries. If one dries up or is running a little shallow, it should make very little difference overall to your confidence levels.

    If you got fired from 4 jobs in a row, and your confidence was directly keyed into how good you were at your job.. you can imagine how sh*tty you'd feel, and how you might dread going for an interview. And every time the new boss called you over, you might be thinking "Oh crap, am I going to get fired from THIS job now?!?"

    Relationships are the same, in a way. If your confidence is linked entirely to how well you do wiht the girls, and you'd been dumped 4 times.. how well do you think you'd react to a text saying "We need to talk" ?

    The solution, as I said above is this - your self-confidence, your faith in yourself, has to come from multiple sources. Make sure that these multiple sources all feed your ego in healthy ways. They can come from friends, family, career, self-achievements, setting goals and meeting them, successful hobbies, whatever you like. But the more the better.

    • keep our options open, I was flirting a girl and I'm a bit shy, she started ignoring a bit and I askd her if we could talk, she said no, and I was like okay, moving on pleanty of fish in the sea just need the fisherman to fish it.