What does it mean if a guy says I intimidate the hell out him? Do I have the upper hand??

This was after sex. To ease the conversation, and sorta let him off the hook. I said "it was nothing, just sex" he said " no it was something" and I was exciting to be around.

I said "what should I do, to stop it" he said"Don't exist"

We have done this several times, but we are friends, best friends...I am hiding my emotions, that's how I am...I think I may love him. Not sure... what do you think he feels towards me? and what should I do...


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  • Well if you really felt that way, shouldn't have had sex. it just complicates emotions, especially for guys. I'd say.. best course would be to ask him if you could work on developing a relationship properly, not based on sex, but on time and effort. Just.. if you're having sex, he'll work towards it to a certain degree, until he either gets tired of it, (rewards =/= cost) or he'll move on. There's a chance he does care, but sex'll just complicate things too much. ;) good luck.


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