Guy I'm dating is still talking every day but less/slightly distant?

he still talks to me every day. lately he's been contacting me early in the morning! our last date was a few days ago. and the morning after he texted me Really early wishing me good luck on my test and telling me he had fun with me. he wanted to see me that day but it didn't work out.

but we've been talking less throughout the day for the past few days, even though he's been making daily contact.

should I be concerned? I mean, he has a very busy job and I'm not his girlfriend.

does the daily contact matter more than the amount? (meaning if he still contacts me every day especially early on, he's clearly thinking about me and I shouldn't worry)

it's just that he was contacting me more at night too before and for the past few days he hasn't.

is this a sign of pulling away?

now I haven't heard from him in over a day. not good.


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  • Don't be too concerned. He's still contacting you. If guys decide that its not worth the time, they'll stop altogether.


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