Such a flirty./: How do I get him to be more mature and ask me to hangout?

Okay, we have been talking for like 5 months, and whenever we talk he just wants to know if I would do anything with him. (If ya know what I mean.) I'm tired of doing that. I want to get to know him., and get him to like me, but all he wants to know is dirty stuff. What can I do...?


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  • It seem to me like he doesn't want to pursue anything serious with you. He just wants to have sex with you. He doesn't want to be in a relationship with you if all he talks about is whether you will do anything with him. He's a waste of time. Just move on.


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  • Run. Run AWAY.

    If you've been talking for five months and he hasn't made a move (except for with his nether regions), then it's very clear that he thinks of you only sexually. If you've been doing things with him without any commitment or discussion of feelings, then he's already mentally placed you in the category of "F Buddy". I'm not saying that it won't ever turn into anything, because nothing is certain...

    Wait, I take that back.

    What is certain is that nothing you say or do is going to change it unless you change your actions. Stop hooking up with him if you still are, and tell him that his sexual probing is inappropriate. Start looking out for your emotions first.

    Do this with the next guy you like, and he may actually respect you.