A lost cause or something worth fighting for?

This girl I've been close friends with for almost 2 years randomly texted me (at 2am) that she now has a boyfriend. We have kissed before (she has also stayed at my house ect) and she has also lied to me about having a boyfriend before but this time she told me she doesn't want me to talk to her anymore due to this boyfriend.

She won't tell me anything about the guy (who he is, what he does, how they met, ect) and I did what she asked and backed off (even though I'm 95% sure she doesn't have one). The weird part is her close friends invited me to her surprise birthday party and even though I couldn't make it a sent her a text message wishing her "happy birthday". She replies "why don't you stop contacting me"

The part that confuses me is why would her friends invited me if they knew about her boyfriend and the situation in general? Also why she reply to my birthday text more than 27 hours later with that comment (if she really didn't want to talk to me why would she reply?)

Is NC the solution? Is time and space the answer? Any tips and/or advice would mean alot.


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  • Lying is never OK, not in dating or friendship. Sorry to say, it's not worth it

  • Lost cause she honestly sounds like a horrible person.


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