A random kiss on the cheek?

Guys, do you randomly kiss a girl mid conversation?

I went out with some colleagues after our work function had ended.

The guy I have a slight crush on was there and after doing the rounds of chatting to a few people, I made my way over to his group.

Whilst he and I were in a conversation he randomly kissed me on the cheek, which caught me off guard but made me blush.

This hasn't been the first time he randomly kisses me on the cheek when we are out and about.

I haven't notice him do this to any other colleagues, apart from when we say our goodbyes.

I feel an intense chemistry when we are together and sense that he likes me, but I'm not too certain as I don't know if it's wishful thinking, as I have feelings for him.


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  • just ask him out. maybe he is somewhat shy about asking out.


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