Only girl I could say I loved is doing the games again....

Long story short

- I posted on here earlier saying the girl that I have known for SO many years (20 now) is moving away. I left her a voice message about 3 weeks ago and from there on up we have been talking.

-She told me (this being after 2 weeks of talking) to stop by her house to talk. Me and her both find each other attractive, and I am SUCH a nice kid. You need to understand I don't get jealous, I don't make people do things they do/do not want to do and most of all, I just have a lot of common sense.

We were talking and it seems like she has gotten into partying/drinking/smoking now because guys find it hot. She's a party girl/college girl. Before she used to find it disgusting because it was bad for your health (without moderation, that is. )

When I visited her we had a deep conversation, saying that we would hang out again soon. She was trying to rub this guy she met in my face, I guess to make me jealous? Saying how much money he'd be making once he is out of college (I am working my ASS OFF to start a clothing brand and trying to break into acting) and I told her "Listen, I no longer get jealous, and I haven't for a long time. IF "insert name" wants to work at that job, good for him! And to be honest, I hope he succeeds! He could make more money than me, be a better person than me, and you may like him more than me too! But one thing never changes. I don't wanna be "insert name"...I'm happy with myself but just because you may like him, it doesn't mean that I would give up me just to date you again.

Finally when she had to Skype with him, she kicked me out and I told her "Yeah know, I can't control how you act...I can't control how anyone acts but MYSELF. So if you don't wish to speak to me anymore (I was saying this all because she had a real weird/gtfo vibe) I can't do anything about that. The only person I can control is me, and I have come to accept that I can no longer get sad over things out of my control."

She kind of just took it in.

I texted her a few days later, and a few days after that, and a few days after that- Nothing.

I left her a message on my way to work (voice mail) saying how pretty she looked and how I'd like to hang out before she moves, but if she wants me to leave her a lone please at least just tell me and I'll dissapear. Still nothing.

I had to be a nusance towards people but I find it hard to become angry at myself. I'm not a bad guy, I'm actually a really good guy who thinks with more common sense than most people...EXCEPT when it comes to relationships, just because I Have never really be intimate with anyone but her before... I hadn't talked to her in a year and her entire personality is changed.

Why won't she respond?

I meant I am 20 years old by the way, not that I have know her for 20 years.


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  • I can't really give you any insight on her thoughts, cause I'm a very straight forward logical thinker myself. If you've made it known that you're not mad at her, don't hate her etc. then it's up to her to decide if she wants to keep a friendship or not.

  • Dude, I think you should drop by at her house, ASAP. Straighten things off. Fine with the plan, GO! If not, forever think about the what-if questions. Hope it helps!


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