Going in for the first kiss...would like advice

ok so I told a friend of mine that I like her...in that way she seemed fine with it no negativeness to it at all...we hung out a few times since then she seems to be closer to me as in she sits so close she's touching me haha...i take this as a good sign, so I wanna go in for a kiss...and I would like advice. First off how should I do it, should I say something funny before going in for a lip lock? I just don't know how to go for it...also when do I do it...and is there a way I can almost ensure she won't pull away? I really wanna do this right so please be serious with your helpful answers...Thanks for the help ahead of time.


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  • one of two things:

    have a mini playfight with her, and like wrestle her to the ground, while your both laughing/panting whatever, go for the kiss. that's pretty hot


    if she's not a very active kinda girl then maybe just hug her, then slowly pull away as your doing so, kiss her on the cheek, when youve kissed her on the cheek, stay very close to her, still holding her you could kiss her again closer to her lips this time. Hopefully she'll respond by turning her face towards yours slightly, if she does this, its a good sign. then just go for the kiss

    hope this helped


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