What do women want? Need expert advice

Hey guys and girls, I would like to first share a recent story from my friend before my question.

So my friend is a conservative girl, she picks her partners carefully. We did not get in touch for half a year until recently when she told me she is in love ! I say okay ... congrag and feel really happy for her.

She then started talking about it and she has never done many things that she would not have done for any of her previous boyfriend before !

These confuse me ! What do women want ? This guy she is dating at the moment is an average looking, not sure about his financial status ... etc. My friend also tells me, its all about security and she feels safe with this guy and he takes care of everything (she feels like a kid)

All these I am hearing looks like a story ! A woman can change for a man just like this ! She is now helping him with his housework and even buying stuffs for him ! OMG

All these don't make sense ! I thought woman wants a handsome man (if she is good looking), a funny guy or a rich boy ! But after listening to my friend, all these doesn't make sense !

Can any of you explain this to me ?


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  • I've got news for you, boy: girls are different. Also, girls change. It's a shock, I know, but hear me out.

    Every girl thinks about how the perfect guy should be, but when you get in relationships, you realize there's things you've never even though about before.

    Say you want a smart guy or a handsome one. You find him, and later on you realize he lacks ambition, which honestly is crucial. Or you almost get mugged and you realize your boyfriend is a chicken who wouldn't protect you. Suddenly these things become more important than his IQ or how funny he is and, again, they're things one usually learns while dating.

    I still don't see how the guy is wrong for her or how she's changed for him.

    • true but I always though girls only go for three main type of men ! Handsome & tall, Rich or funny

    • You WISH girls were that simple. Handsomeness is subjective, so is humor. How rich one is CAN be measured, but you know what they say "some people are so poor that all they have is money". I'm not into money rich people, and so aren't a lot of girls. So no, girls don't only go for those guys.

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