If a women what's you to spend the weekend with her at a hotel.. does she want sex?

I been talking to this online women for a year now.. I really like her but I never saw her in person because I moved before I could see her..at first she didn't want to see me untill she got to know me and after she did I had to move. cause at first when I was their we would talk about us hanging out and she wouldn't care if we drink and I asked her could I give her a foot rub and she said sure.. well we talk about being together since there distance and we chat on Facebook alot.. she is 25 and not in school but she works..We talk about me coming to see her.. she tells me that she would pay for the hotel and pick me up from the airport as well. and she tells me if everything goes well then she would come fly and see me... but the thing is I want a relationship with her not a friends with benefits type thing. cause the hotel thing got me thinking cause she wants to get a one bedroom and stay with me for that weekend. Do you people think she wants a relationship with me or doesn't she wants to have sex since she wants a hotel

  • Is she asking for sex without tell me since their will be one bedroom hotel
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  • i think your question should have been " does she want a relationship" and then the answer would be " maybe"

    whether she wants to have a relationship or not, you know what a "one bed room for you 2 to stay" means.

    and about the relationship: I don't know where she is from or how are her family restrictions, or how far you are from her. but is she that lonely...that spent years chatting with you and now wants you to fly all the way back to her city just for you to become her friend with benefit?

    my guess is that she could easily find that option in her city and no need to spend that much of time to get into knowing that guy! so probably she wants to see how things will go and if its possible to have a serious relationship with you.

    but for sure, you need to speak with her and clarify things between you before you take any action or as you are worried, mess it up!

    Good luck :)

    • i do clarify it will her... she was the one who brings up the hotel.. cause after first before I moved she wanted to meet up at a public place but as time when on after she found out that I moved she wanted a hotel for a weekend.. come in sat morning and leave mon morning

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  • That's a probable yes

  • Don't know about about if she wants a relationship too, but if you stay the weekend with her... you sir, are getting some ass. But if you want a relationship I think you should flat out tell her.

    • We talked about being together all the time and she fine with it... she saids when I come if the connect is good then she would fly to see me

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  • I think she wants both.

    Seriously, women do not need to fly in a guy from out of town to get laid.

    She likes you, she wants a relationship, but part of a relationship, especially long distance, is taking advantage of the time together.

    Does she live at home? Why aren't you just staying with her IF she wants to be with you? Are you sure she's not getting you a hotel room so that you WON'T be sleeping together?

    • She lives with her young sister who is 22.. and the hotel room its going to be one bedroom.. I even ask her is she staying with me and she said yes..

    • I'd guess she wants both.

  • Hotel = privacy, so yeah some sex is likely to be involved. Does she not have her own place? Personally I think anyone who invests in a visit, is likely looking for a relationship of some sort. So it sounds like you are worth it! I'd say don't worry too much, and see where it takes you. Can always ask how you think things are going too :)

    • She lives with her sister.. she tells me that she would get her own place if she had a parnter.. she talked about getting a condo

  • It's hard to say. It's a good bet she wants sex from that, but it could be she just wants to be close, but not sexual yet and see how you are in regards to being pushy when it comes to sex, but who knows.

    • I feel it would come to sex.. but the crazy thing is that when we chat we never talk about sex or anything like that... its always about me coming and being with her

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    • she paying for the hotel...and she lives with her sister and am in college..

    • Ah, I see. Well if she's paying for the hotel, if it comes off to be the same cost as the plane ticket, then that's fair. Just figure out the costs of both, add them together, divide it in half. Fair.

  • Dude! That's crazy, I'm in almost that exact same position except for the airport, and we text a lot rather than use Facebook. For all I know I get to the hotel and she makes me sleep on a couch.

    • I know but does she want sex from me.. and would it turn into a relationship cause I feel if we have sex it will... but the thing is I want to have sex with her but I don't want it to mess up anything

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    • Yeah, but we'll see there's plenty of time before her trip. thankfully I don't have to buy anything to have to worry about her suddenly backing out.

    • oh so is she buying the ticket or are you