Why did he stop texting/calling?

So I met this guy over Facebook and he lives in the same county as me and we've been texting and calling each other for like 2 or 3 months now and we both really really like each other and always talk about dating (but I can't hang out with him until the end of June but he said he could wait that long) and then completely out of the blue on no warning or anything, with no reason he would be mad or anything, he stopped texting and calling me and wouldn't answer any of my calls or texts. This has been going on for four days now.

My initial thought was he's grounded from his phone because his parents took it away for bad grades again (he had his phone taken away about two weeks ago and he wasn't lying he really did). He knows I have anxiety problems so why hasn't he warned me then that he was being grounded and why hasn't he used his home phone or friend's phone to call me to let me know that's why he isn't texting me?

I haven't recieved a text or call for four days now and I'm really worried he's just not into me anymore and even if he is grounded, I'm worried he doesn't care about me as much to call me from another phone to reassure me that it's not because he's ignoring me but because he's grounded.

Please tell me what you think! I've been really worrying about this!

I am sixteen years old bye the way and he is too.


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  • First of all you have to calm down buddy , don't think too much. there are many possibilities for not texting you; maybe his parents took his phone away again and they decided to go out for some days away.things are not happened as the way you think always. take that positively don't get panic also because it'll also worsens things further , believe me ,i was also through this stage before and I lost my best girlfriend by acting like this.live your life happily ,don't think too much.Cuz things are made to be simple but we complicate them,so let it be simple.wait for him to contact you first . good luck :)


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  • The exact reason why he's all of a sudden stopped calling you and returning your texts is pretty uncertain and hard to figure out... I guess there could be many reasons. His parents may have taken his phone off him and that may have been the only place he had your number stored, but then again surely he could use his or a friends computer to contact you on Facebook? So the 'having his phone taken from him' idea seems a little flawed.

    Maybe while he was texting and calling you he met another girl and found himself in a relationship? Although it would be very insensitive of him to cease all contact with you for that reason... The least he could do is tell you!

    Of course it is very possible that there are genuine and fair reasons why he hasn't been able to contact you, which are unforeseen circumstances out of his control... Whatever those could be are difficult to tell.

    There could be genuine reasons for his lack of contact with you, although it could just be that he's lost interest or found another girl, which I feel would be his loss and cruel of him not to at least let you know! For your own feelings I hope this situation resolves itself and you find out one way or the other what is happening!

    Ps. I notice this is an old question now. Have you heard from him?... And has this situation been resolved for you? :o)

    • Ha um no. I don't even know what happened at all. I haven't heard from him since a month and a half ago so I gave up.

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    • Yeah. I'm good ha ha I found someone else. He's a lot better than him..I hope.

    • Well that's good... I'm glad you've found someone else and I hope that works out for you! :o)

      Let me know if you need any further advice... Can I ask you for some advice please? :o)

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  • Maybe he lost his phone or something but don't beat your head about much it's going to hurt you.I can come up with a million excuses but only he knows and I figure if everything was gooing good with him he will contact you soon

    • It was going good so I don't know what happened. And I don't know about his phone because every time I call him it rings instead of just going straight to voice mail if it was dead or off so I don't know. :/ And even if he did lose his phone or something why hasn't he used another phone to call me and reassure me that's what happened.

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