Racism on dating websites and having racial preference

So I read this on a dating profile:

I am not into any type of Asian, Eurpoean, Black, Middle Eastern, Ghetto****eads

Now I wanna get poples thoughts on this kind of thing in dating websites.

Sure you can have wants and such but blatantly stating it in this manner?

Would you want to date them if you read this? Do you believe that they should be a bit more open minded or do you believe people should have freedom to that extent?

Personally I believe you can say what you want so long as you're not blatantly racist, anti or showing hatred and dislike. Spelling


If you cannot spell properly like school taught you then please do not send me a message I won't reply. Sorry!

Isn't that much of a problem but being harsh and overly judgmental is wrong and not giving someone a chance purely because they aren't white is wrong do't you think? Cultural/religious/dietary differences are understandable. so if one person is a jewish and the other loves bacon and is a strict atheist, I can understand things like that, but the whole Idea of judging someone just because the way they look is plain ridiculuous.

Like me honestly, I'd give anyone a chance for the most part if we got along and they seemed like awesome date material (i.e they have to have a matching personality and looks aren't important), no matter where they're from or what they look like.

But alas it is a dating site and it pretty much is all judged by looks first isn't it?:(


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  • Yeah they are 99% about looks and girls are going to get flooded with messages regardless of what they say on their profile since a lot of guys don't even read them so they can pretty much say whatever they want.

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