I have no clue what's going on with him?

long story short. met a guy online and kept in touch for months mostly by email. we were getting ready to finally meet. but now I haven't heard from him in a week. I tried to phone him last Monday and he was busy so I sent him a message. I didn't hear a word from him since even tho I sent him another message on Saturday. still no response. I don't know what to do next or how to feel. right now the only feeling I have is that he's met someone else and doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I don't understand why he stopped talking to me or at least to tell me why. what should I do? should I sent him one last message to say good bye and wish him all the best? any advice would help right now because I'm feeling pretty bad about myself. thanks for reading this :(


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  • Well I've been there Hun. That's the problem sometimes when you meet someone online, you never know if they are authentic and really want to meet you or playing games. Maybe he was just looking for online attention from someone who would listen. Maybe he is married, that's a good possiblility. Or maybe he is scared to meet you because he thinks you want a relationship. Or again just looking for attention.,

    You have emailed him two times, believe me he got your message. the next step for you is to do nothing. wait for him to get in touch with you.

    • i agree entirely ... any more messaging and it comes across as desperate ... he know's where she is

    • thanks ladies for your answers. and yeah you're right if I keep sending him messages it'll be pretty obvious that I'm getting desperate. which would be totally lame. I'm just about ready to send my last message to tell him all the best and good luck. I think I need to do that so I have closure and can move on. just wish he would tell me the same and just be honest about it.

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