Do guys get just as burned as girls from relationships?

I'm kinda seeing this guy right now and I asked him what he wants out of this relationship ( as for as just being friends or dating and such) and he tells me that he really just wants to date and when I asked him how come he told me that his last girlfriend cheated on him for a long time and since then he's been in more of the dating scene than being in a relationship. I know what being cheated on feels like but this was over a year ago for him. Does he just wanna date or is he really still scared over his last gf?


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  • I wrote a sociology thesis about this last semester.

    In a poll, 4 out of 5 guys who have been severly wronged by a girl in the past are more likely to do physical damage to themselves within two to three weeks of the incident(s). In the months following the incident(s) 3 of 5 will undergo a lot of self reevaluation, ie try to boost thier ego, and one of 5 will just let it go. There's also something about all 5 will suffer a slight amount of emotional stress and thier self-confidence will drop by nearly half dependent upon the incident(s).


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  • Cheating effects everyone. He could still be hurting from it, and may not trust girls becaise of it. I had a friend whom had some BF's cheat on her, and she hated guys because of it. But what the ones who've been cheated on need to realize is, we aren't all the same. Not all guys cheat on girls, and vise versa.

    • nice answer

    • Thanks, but it's also the truth. I had many discussions with my friend about this, and I helped her start liking men again.

  • Yes we get burned too.

  • Burned? I've been absolutely ravaged. Like far worse than any female I've seen be hurt by a guy. I've basically loved in the course of my life two women more than anything ever and it's completely destroyed me. I am at the point in life now where I don't believe in love. Everyone wants looks and money and social status. The whole basis of dating is flawed due to things like the mainstream media and shows like "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette". How does that positively impact the dating world? It doesn't. Because the "average" person now feels they deserve and EXPECT the top 5% of looks, brains and money. I am by no means saying settle, but unfortunately many guys are just completely replaceable today. Women keep us around until they can upgrade and they never look back. I am not saying men are perfect by any means, because we aren't. Many of us lie and cheat and use women just the same, but all I was trying to point out is that I see a major role reversal.

  • I was in a long distance relationship for two years. she told me she loved me one day, then the next told me that she had been questioning her love for me for the past month, broke up with me, told me there were no chances or anything. It has been 6 months and I haven't even tried to date anyone because I don't feel like I can trust very well right now, don't feel like I'm good enough, I'm still broken inside and wish I could make her feel the way I did when she ripped me apart like that...

    I had told her a year into our relationship that I was starting to not feel it between us, she begged me to stay with her... Told me if we could make it one more year then we would be able to last till we would get to move in together... I was a fool to listen to her and give her another chance, she didn't give me any sympathy at all, simply squashed me and threw me to the curb like a rotten banana.

    So some guys, yeah, we can be completely destroyed, other guys can be relatively un-phased from breakups and such.


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