I feel bad please help?

so I had this guy friend and he used to like me but now I like him and I called him saying hi and he said hi what's up and I said nm looking at colleges and he said cool and he said I'm dancing with kayla right now and he was for prom and I said oh. well I guess ill see ya at school and he said OK. so we hung up. but a couple of days ago he said I could talk to him at lunch and other stuff he said don't be afraid to talk or ask, then he also flirts with me still. he's also not returning my calls on my cell but is on my house phone and whenever we do talk we talk as friends. I just want to be friends but I'm afraid he doesn't. my best friend said just ask him why he isn't returning your texts and I'm afraid to, cause I don't want to come as rude or clingy, I also don't want to make the other girl mad. can you give me advice? nothing mean please?

2 hours ago

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how can I just be friends with him without being clingy, I stopped calling him. is that a good start?


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  • Just keep in mind that he's got someone else to share time with, ask him when you call if he's busy first from this point out, and if you find he's busy often ask him when's the best tim to talk so that you don't interrupt his time with her. He's going to have trouble returning calls, it's pretty natural as he has less free time because of her.


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  • ok, seems to me you need to act like a friend if you want to be his friend. friends are weird and funny, and obnoxious, you seem to have a sort of friendship where its kind of quiet and boring and always tslking talking talking. friends know when to talk to you and when to not talk to u, like if he's with his girlfriend, probably stay low, or if you want him to know that you are not interested in him go right up to both of them, and be friends with both of them!

    are you with me?

    and when you call him, and he never picks up, ask him in a fake additude then smile and show him your just kidding. allllllllways smile, be easy going, be your self.

    friends ARE rude, only in a friendly, kidding, obnoxious, way.

    hopefully this makes sense.

    i hope I helped.

    and I hope you didn't find this mean... :) good luck!

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