I think it's better I just continue being friends with her. She seems so unpredictable.

There's this girl I really liked in high school but we were friends and I knew you couldn't date me cos I was this boy with no reputation and not fresh, more like a nerd. So , now in college after I've forgotten her, she's in my head again. And she's now very close to me. But, one day she told my friend that she thinks she likes me but she can't date me cos of what others will say but I've changed and went on to say that I was stuck in friend zone for life. After, hearing this I felt really bad and never really wanted to talk to her cos I thought we were really close. So, I forgot about her for a while. And now she's calls me her sweetheart and always hugging me. I don't want to think about her cos I think she's just acting like a girl. But today she was angry with me and I tried settling everything. And brought something up about doing something this weekend and she said she wants to cook for and went on saying whatever I want her to cook. And sometimes she acts to strange like goes home without telling me OR always asking about my whereabouts. I think she's just being herself but one part of me is saying she likes me. And I don't want to ask her out and hear her say what I won't like so I think it's better I just continue being friends with her. She seems so unpredictable. We go to the mall together and different places. The only fact I think she doesn't like is the fact that she's older than me. But, I don't know I'm kinda confused now.


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  • I think you should ask her out or tell her how you feel, because for one she could like you or she could be unaware of your intense feelings for her. If you don't tell her you don't get closure so you'll spend a long time frustrated and wondering if she did this did it mean anything etc. Get it out in the open, promise you'll feel a lot better and relief. :)

  • Uggghhhhh... girls like this are very confused themselves. My former best friend is VERY much like that and it quite honestly pissed me off. girls like that are typically very lonely people and only want someone when it is convenient for THEM. Look. I know you might like this girl, but she is in college and you are still in high school. her thoughts and actions are much different than yours because of the age gap. you will get over her once you get out of high school and get away from everything that reminds you of her. she will move on with her life, calling you whenever she is bored or lonely, and you will stay lost and confused not knowing if you are going to go out with her or stay permanently friend-zoned. It really sucks, but the only true way out and around this is to just leave her to do her thing. She is clearly mentally unstable and being a high schooler, you don't need that. you have other things to worry about in life. just move on bro. you will feel MUCH better once you do.

    • No I'm in college too..the same college

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