What makes a guy want to kiss a girl?

This guy I know through friends has been texting me and stuff... he myself and friends are all going on vacation soon and he says he really wants to kiss me...I just wanted to know why he would want to kiss me... and should I be upset by the fact that he keeps telling me he wants to kiss me...also do you thing I should kiss him?

Note: I do sort of have feelings for him...


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  • It's just a kiss, go for it. Why should you be upset that he keeps telling you, if you want him to kiss you, tell him to shut up and do it already. Guys like a little assertiveness, and this guy is being a bit timid from the sound of it.

    • Thanks for the answer...well I was just wondering if he was a little bit forward..i don't know what I was thinking...I guess I also thought maybe he was just playing with me or leading me on or something...I'm just skeptical because we never real went out and the only time we hang out is when our friends are there...

    • You don't have to date to snog. I know I'd get frustrated if some girl hinted at kissing without it ever happening. Having his phone number, there's nothing to stop you guys hanging out alone together.

    • Ok I will go for it then...I'm just a little apprehensive about kissing him...I do like him however...just a bit confused and nervous...

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