Why do girls keep giving out fake numbers if they are not interested in you?

I know this question has been brought up many times before but I want to know based on my personal experiences. I went to the beach this past memorial day weekend and I saw this chick laying down by herself and I walked up to her and I ask her for the time. Then when she gave it to me I noticed that she was reading a book so me been a little curious I ask what she was reading and she told me was a twilight book. So I ask her if she wasn't too mature enough to be reading that (because she looks much older) and she said no. So I start asking her questions like where she's from and what she does for a living just to spark up the conversation and she responded, and before you know we started to have a conversation. I even ask her if I can join her and she said yes even though she was leaving soon. We talked about a lot of things such as school, work and hobbies and it turns out that we have lot in common. So as she was leaving I volunteered to help her carry her stuff and she refuses and then I walked her to her car where I ask for her number. And she told me sure and gave it to me but I didn't call her then because my cell didn't ran out of minutes. So I hugged and told her that I will call sometime this week to hang out and I called it today and it turns out the number was disconnected. Personally I am not surprised at all, but I am upset that the fact the chick didn't have balls to tell me to my face that she wasn't interested or she doesn't give out her number that would make a lot more sense rather playing these stupid mind games and plus she's not that good looking anyways. What do you guys think?


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  • She probably felt sorry for you and didn't want to turn you down in person. It's just an easier way for her to turn you down without having to face your reaction. I rarely give out my number to anyone because I don't want a random stranger to have something that they can connect to me. If a guy asks me for my digits I either tell him I'm not interested or I just give him my email. Sometimes I say that I don't own a phone. Whatever feels right during that situation.

    • Well I don't care what you do just as long as your honest and not been fake about it

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  • we think you are nice and don't want to hurt you but we also don't want you to have our real number. I used to do that but now I tell a guy directly why he's not getting my number

    • thats the proper way to do it. :)

  • Well, I don't give out my # if I have a boyfriend. When I was single I just gave it out because the guy kept bothering me and I felt sorry for him. Then he kept annoying me so I stopped contact, lol.

    • well you shouldn't feel sorry for him that's just a poor excused to tell a guy that you are not interested in him. If you want to stop bothering you just tell him hey listen you seem like a nice guy but I am interested in dating anyone right now.

    • You created your own problems doing that.

      giving your real # to a dude you're not interested in...creates the problem listed above.

      giving a fake # is bitchy (no matter how you try to spin the situation into being "nice").

      is it hard to just tell the dude you're not interested and not give ANY #?

    • excellent answer prof don

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  • "So I ask her if she wasn't too mature enough to be reading that (because she looks much older) and she said no."

    For future reference, that's where you lost all chance of getting her phone number.

    Don't say to a girl (in a nut shell) isn't that a kids book? Are you reading a childrens book?

    Anyway, the reason girls give a fake number is that if she says No, you can just pester her some more. If she gives you her real number, you'll call.

    A fake one gets you away with the least amount of hassle to her.

    • thanks man I knew I messed up when I said that but I still think there other ways to tell a guy you are not interested without disrespecting him.

  • There are worse ways to get rejected. It is something you just have to get used to. My FWB never gives guys a fake phone number when she is not interested and she has guys texting her all of the time even if she doesn't respond. She gets tired of blocking numbers. I tell her to just do the fake number thing.