I'm a girl so how do you think I should go about attracting this girl I like to me?

how do you think I should go about attracting this girl I like to me?i need some advice please...?

well I know she is bi and she knows I am. I dress more girlly and she dresses like more manly. so I'm cool with that. she does havea girlfriend though which sucks but it totally made my heart skip when she said
that she was going to my house and said ...hey emily do you wanna hang with us at her house... which emily is totally straight...but the bi girl and I joke all the time and were best buds! she dresses like more like a guy and I dress more like a girl


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  • We can assume the other girl is also a lesbian/bisexual? Otherwise the advice will first involve a LOT of alcohol and an Indigo Girls CD.

    Attracting women is pretty easy. Just be genuinely interested in what she has to say. Without knowing more about how the two of you know each other, ask her about her day, compliment part of her ensemble that is unique or interesting, ask her what she thought about recent movies, tv shows, books. These are the old stand-bys for small talk that are supposed to lead to bigger and better conversations if she's interested. Then, when you feel the time is right, ask her out. But please do yourself a favor and be clear: it is a date, not a "Hey, you wanna hang out sometime?" brunch of nebulous ambiguity. Make sure she understands that you are asking her out as potential relationship material, not just as a friend or coworker. This will save you many fretful hours later trying to determine if she knew it was a date, and if she didn't what did it mean when she said _____ and does she know that I meant ______. Clarity early on will allow you to enjoy the relationship more further along.

    I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck.


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  • Figure out whether she's more emotional or physical. If she's emotional, then you need to be/dress/act more guy-like. If she's physical, then you need to be/dress/act more girl-like.

    Or, you can try to pull off both at the sime time. e.g. Angelina Jolie

  • It depends on the girl.


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  • Same as you would a guy I suppose. Make a lot of eye contact and flirt with her. Touch her arm when talking to her, that sort of thing. You probably don't want to come on too strong though unless you know she's interested in girls.