"Just be in touch. Hope all is well."

I had to cancel my date tonight because I have to stay late at work (gong to the hospital with my client).

I told him I was sorry and said my weekend is totally open if he wanted to do something then...he responded with "Just be in touch. Hope all is well."

To me, that sounds like I got blown off- did I? If he really wanted to see me, he could have made plans with me, but didn't...


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  • This happened to me not long ago and when the girl cancelled on me I took that as a sign that she was not interested or was blowing me off. since you suggested an alternate date he should not have lost interest, but I'm sure he's thinkin that. guys can b sensitive. I would seriously suggesting calling him or texting him one more time about getting together this weekend so he genuinely knows that you are interested. I'm sure that will work.

    if you try again and he does not respond or blows you off...let it go he's not interested.

    • Thanks! This is helpful!

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  • Well you cancelled. You have no idea how many times this happens to guys for illegitimate versions (i.e. "she just doesn't want to see him, so she makes up an excuse"). So maybe he thought you blew him off.

    So the next time you have to cancel, reread the last sentence of your post, and see how it could be reversed in his own perspective. And give him some dates to chose from, instead of leaving it open.

    • Honestly wasn't blowing him off! But I get that people do that when they're not interested I left it open because I didn't want to hound him or bother him for a date. Also, I live in NYC and people are very busy, so I don't assume they're free. By offering my weekend I was hoping he'd say " Friday works for me" or something and then we could plan something, but he didn't which is why it makes me think he doesn't actually want to see me. My job is crazy and it was legit for canceling

    • I don't question if your reason was legitimate or not. I'm just telling you how he probably felt. Quit being too "mysterious", if you get my point. Guys need obvious signs of interest. When it comes to dating, everything that isn't a straight forward yes, we take it as a "no", or at least, will induce serious doubt. And you don't want this to happen, if you like the guy. Hope this helped :)

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  • like yopyopyop said, it was the guy who got canceled on. So he is unsure if you actually want to go on a date with him or not so he says "just be in touch"...he is waiting for you to make a move to show that you actually want to go on a date with him.

    Pick a day and ask him if he's free to go to dinner that night. Tell him you'd like to see him since y'alls date unfortunately had to be canceled.