Promise rings, a bad idea?

Let's say you had a boyfriend who had some insecurity issues and clinging issues in the past of your relationship. Okay, some pretty serious insecurity issues and clinging issues. Let's say that even though those issues seem gone now to the boyfriend you yourself are not exactly all that sure. Let's say that now (3 and half years into the relationship) the boyfriend presents you a promise ring.

How would you react to this ring? Would you ever see it as some desperate attempt to keep you? As you can probably guess, this is not hypothetical. I'm considering getting her a promise ring but I'm worrying that she might see it as some way of controlling her. Should I get the ring?

Some info: 3.5 year relationship

Both in College (now long [across the country] distance)

I just finished my sophomore year, she finished her freshman.

(If you say yes I should get the ring, what kind of price range should I go for? Clearly I want the type of ring she'd be comfortable constantly wearing.)


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  • I think that it would be a good idea. It would show her that you love her, just make sure you are ready for it :) I would make sure you do not spend to much because you don't want to spend a huge amount on it, knowing what a promise ring means there will be another ring sometime in the future.


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  • I think it would be sweet. just don't get her anything that looks like an engagement ring. I don't know much about ring prices, but I would say don't spend much more than a couple hundred dollars

  • u should that's a way of showing her you love her


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