Why do guys always see me as someone to not be taken seriously?

My former "boyfriend" who I am no longer with anymore, told me that I am not all that physically attractive, and I never was. He told me that I am only good for being screwed and dumped... but nothing more then that. Sadly, I think he is right. I am a 26/f. I'm 5'8'' and I have a thin build. Why do guys only see me as something to just screw and dump? I'm sick of it. These days, I am either bullied or ridiculed. Sucks to be me. Hopefully an answer will help my question.


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  • It sounds like your Boyfriend was hurt and was trying to hurt you back by saying that.

    There IS a type of girl that a lot of guys think are only good for a "pump and dump", but it has nothing to do with their looks. It has to do with their self-worth. Girls who don't value themselves don't demand that men value them either. Often they are attention whores or even sluts, because they are desperate for attention and validation and are willing to do just about anything to get it, even if they don't want to or really like the guy. When guys see girls like that, they don't value them for any more than sex either.

    I have no idea if that describes you or not, but even assuming it does, it's something you can fix. Simply learn to say "no." Don't give a guy what he wants unless he is treating you right, respecting you, and values you. And make them wait a little while and prove that they do before you give them sex. Know that the a-holes and players are going to give up and move on, and you have to LET THEM GO, because they don't deserve you. The ones that stay and wait, respectuflly, are the ones you're looking for.

    Don't give your Boyfriend this power over you. People only have the power over you that YOU give them.


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  • Hey Crystal - can't see a picture of so I can't judge for sure - but your 'boyfriend' seems like a first class jerk. There are guys that like all types of women and a guy that is interested in YOU will think you are sexy with whatever you are working with. Nothing wrong with slender and some of the sexiest girls don't have the best bodies - they just know how to be sexy and use their body.

    Seriously though I want to give you a huge hug and tell you that you found a bad guy. I can find something attractive about almost any woman.

    Please hang in there and find some better guys - ones that would jump at the chance for your company and enjoy being around you. They are out there - maybe you are looking in the wrong places.

    Don't let one idiots comment bring you down. Message me if you want to talk.


  • Maybe you were the girl who slept around in college or had many sexual partners. And after a guy see's you with a lot of people he thinks that you are just trying to get it in. Maybe you are attractive, maybe you arent, it just depends on who is looking.

    What are you like as a person?


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  • Did you two get intimate fast? If so, maybe he thought you were easy and figured you were like that with everyone else too? Please don't believe that a**hole though, someone genuine will come along when you least expect it.


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